Wednesday, August 31, 2016


   I find my head swimming in circles these days. Sometimes I'm drowning in my own crazy haze of grey matter but for the past two weeks the Mendocino Coast has been fogged in so I was also surrounded by solid gray matter. It's borderline depressing and many folks are affected by SAD. But, I'm learning to catch more waves of joy, surprise, chance and good stuff. Throw myself a lifeline. Still, sometimes, in the dark I can get consumed with worry over debt, money, health, fear,violence, extinction, etc,etc...

Today, the sun, literally, came out.

The blinding, glorious, opulent, generous and infinite sun. I basked. I understood why many cultures began their religions with Sun Worship. I went to the beach. It wasn't the usual brisk 60 degrees with north winds blowing my mind.  It was warm (77 degrees maybe?) and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Spectacular! Tons of driftwood stood sanctified in sculptures.

 Even surrounded by this exquisite nature my mind still whirred, swerved, clicked and clucked. I put my bare feet into the very cold pacific and squeaked with the thrill of it and then I walked down the beach splashing in the gentle easy tide.

 They say that you bathe in negative ions near and in the Pacific. Negative ions improves you mood, releases stress and smells so damn good. They even make negative ion machines that you can buy to improve your circumstances, but the great green and blue wide ocean provides.

 I Met two lovely strangers in from Chico, (originally from Israel) and after a short introduction spontaneously told them about my disappearing husband, who vanished almost 20 years ago. I don't know exactly why I told them that story. I think we were talking about the pitfalls of marriage and possible consequences therein, so I mentioned it, (or maybe I'm just weird, a little bit crazy with all this mercury in retrograde and dawning solar eclipse coming this Thursday to a solar system near you). We parted ways after the lovely gent of the couple gave me a small sticker with the image of the Buddha which said, "suffering sucks". I took that as my cue to meditate.

It's difficult for me to meditate, but according to the FIRST PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR CRAZY PEOPLE written by me and my mom, it's one of the most PRACTICAL things you can do to calm the fuck down. Most meditation specialists say you are required to practice 20 minutes of meditation each session, but just the pressure of that alone prevents me from meditation. My mother and I feel like starting with one minute of meditation is enough. We find that one minute, (clocked on the stop watch on your phone) of full meditation and total body relaxation can change your world. But Hey! It's even hard to keep my mind quiet for even ONE MINUTE! (One minute of peace please).

One needs a really good Mantra to meditate. One needs a Mantra you can't argue with or subdue in anyway.

I have been through a couple of mantras during my time here on earth. The first was given to me in 1973 when I was 13 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and it was a "nonsense" word so it did little to distract me from my much more exhilarating pubescent train of thought. After that I stopped meditating for 20 years. Then I tried OM. That really didn't do it either. I couldn't keep track of my in and out breaths with OM because of the closed mouth formation. And my mind was no match for it so that didn't last long for me.

Now, at the age of 56, I have discovered the perfect Mantra: One that is amazingly successful at quieting my mind. It may be one of the oldest sounds in the world if not the most comforting. It's probably one of the first sounds we hear out of our mothers mouths. There is nothing better to calm my mind and soul.

I'm going to share it with you now...
Say it with me now
Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you can finish the breath with little sh sh shhh's
Just continue the Shhhhh until the breath is completely out and you'll know when it is.
Try this for one minute and increase amount of time when and if you want to do so.

I love talking about my mother and the release of our book,THE FIRST PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR CRAZY PEOPLE  at this Virgo time of year. My mother's birthday is on the 6th of September. She would have been 77 but she passed in 2010. She still stays in touch.

Spoiler alert: Part of my mother's mental illness gave her delusions of being the Virgin Mary (Virgo related as well) and so I thought the last piece of driftwood I saw today as I was leaving the beach was a perfect example of the magic of being crazy like me and my mother. She was watching over me the whole time I was there.

 I feel this ultimate celebration of her life with the release of the book!!  It's now on AmazonKindle at a very reasonable price and the softcover comes out at my book launch at the Gallery Bookshop in the Mendocino Village on Friday September 23rd.  Thanks for tuning in.

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