Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gaining Weight

Heavy times.

We, my friends, are at a cross roads. Life will never be the same after January. Everything we have fought for and even taken for granted, taken as a given, may shift. I am a wreck about it. My thoughts are rifled with terror, rage and disbelief. I can hardly glance at the news for the images of dark and evil men. White Men. So old, they're Reptilian. Cold Blooded types.Those men who care for none and believe that they can control our earth, our bodies, our reproductive organs. Them with their flacid pricks a bunch of dicks with sagging grey and smelly scrotum. Sorry, just had to spew that. It doesn't mean I'm crazy. Or does it?

Here's my theory:

This Man X Reptilian species gorges on the blood of the earth; OIL. They are part dinosaur. It was one of the earliest accounts of bestiality and a mixed race was born. These are their descendants. They will stop at nothing to drink the bloody oil. Vampire Reptilians.

But the reality is they are almost extinct (and they can't stand the light) because they are such Morons that they will bring us to the brink, but those of us with kind compassion and survival skills will bring it back. Mother Nature will help.

I'm having delusions of sanctuary cities and refugee villages and housing projects. Come Unity.

BUILD THAT WALL. I'm talking about a wall on the East Coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. Let's unite with Mexico! We get along, we work together. Yes, the states that legalized Cannabis let's get together and volunteer to build the wall with bricks of hemp and become a BlueGreen country


I want to live there with the kind folk. The ones who care. I don't care what they care about, but they gotta care about something and due unto others as they would have done unto them.
That's crazy to think there could be a place like that...but...There could!

Meanwhile, it's freezing outside and wet too. I think about the Standing Rock Sioux and all the Water Protectors with them enduring this frozen blizzard I bless and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

This is real People. This is not a test. Are you ready to rock and roll yourself into action? If you are despairing, and I know we all are, Action is the Antidote to Despair. So says Joan Baez.

Another antidote for despair for me is to eat. Yes, I find it entirely comforting to cook for myself the most robust, delectable, cuisine I can conjure. I'm a very good cook and my Kitchen Witch is very Helpfull. (A kitchen witch is the spirit in the Kitchen that guides my hands to the cupboards for ingredients) I call her Kitchy.

Goat cheese and dates. Omlettes with Fresh Arugala. Strawberry Hemp granola with dried cherries, A nice piece of Rye Toast with butta. Though, I'm not exactly binging, this diet is rich and fattening. I am fattening along side. Not only is my belly inflating, but my boobies are blooming as well. I'm heavy. Heavy with grief and hope and madness. I'm living large. I just don't fit.

Am I crazy.? Yes I am. Totally bat shit crazy. But I'm making the best of it. For it is true THEY have succeeded in driving me insane because none of this should be happening. It's a crime and a shame. And I'm going to use that frantic and panicky energy to speak my mind to allow the inner demons to run free so I'm able to face the real demons.

I can tell the difference between angels and demons. Angels  make it better. Demons make it worse. It's that simple.

I use comedy as an anti-depressant.
It makes me feel better.

Check out my comedy/exorcism here: Sherry Glaser as Mother Superior

For more helpful hints on Making the Best Of Mental Illness please buy, or download the book that I wrote with my mother before she passed away. It will help. I promise. She named it perfectly: THE FIRST PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR CRAZY PEOPLE.

Think I'll cook up some salmon and garlic fries with a side of broccoli. Yeah...that sounds perfect. Stay in touch....

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