Monday, November 14, 2016

What's Normal? Have I gone Mad?

Hello friends

I find myself ranting in the full taurus moon light. The werewolf rising in me the furious volcano of righteous rage seeking a target, but alas all I have is this page.

Trying to act normal is exhausting. Luckily I had to listen to the audio Version of The First Practical Handbook for crazy people written by mother and me. I tell ya it really helped.

The only particular instruction that really caught my eye was the mirror exercise. If you are in need of confirmation, comfort, or a friendly face; go to the mirror and look into your own eyes and tell yourself


I'm about to upload the audio version of the book on Audible. May it's wisdom and comfort be far reaching.

The First Practical Handbook For Crazy People
Making the Best of Mental Illness
Shelly and Sherry Glaser (Mother and Daughter)